Target English

Target English

Less than ten years ago, the MOE in Kuwait signed a contract with the publishing company Pearson Longman. The purpose behind this step is to provide Kuwait with books that are specifically designed to meet learners’ needs in Kuwait. The aim of the MOE is to have contextualised materials for students in Kuwait. Target English coursebooks are considered to contain material that is adapted to Kuwait. One of the reasons behind this decision is that English is a compulsory subject from primary school (age 6) to the end of secondary school (age 18). Kuwait is like other countries where there are state (public) schools and private schools, but most students attend public schools. All state schools use the Target English series, and some of the private schools do. However, private schools might use the national curriculum or their own materials depending on whether the school’s system is American or British.

The purposes of using this series are to simplify the course for the students, and to make it vivid and clear. Also, using this series is a way to enrich the course and create a desire for learning. At the back of every graded Target English book you can read the following aims and goals:

Target English is the English for Kuwait series, a carefully graded course in English, specifically written and designed for the Kuwait school system for primary, intermediate, and secondary grades. Target English teaches English through cross-curricular topics, using prose, stories, listening tasks, games, puzzles and other varied activities. It encourages learners to practise communicating in English at every available opportunity. It adopts an integrated approach to language teaching. Target English follows the Kuwait Ministry of Education syllabus. At each level, the course consists of:

–       A student’s book which presents new language for class activities, including pair and group work.

–       A workbook which utilises a variety of activities to practise the language presented in the student’s book.

–       The teacher’s guide with clear, step-by-step lesson plans, as well as a full explanation of the teaching methodology.

–       The cassette with all the listening activities.

The evaluation and adaptation committee and ELT supervisors in the MOE made the decision to approve the use of Target English in Kuwait. This is part of the plan for improving the quality of education, and it is a step towards developing the national curriculum.


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